Funny Social Worker Memes – Because We ALL Need A Laugh

Ever see a meme about social work that you can TOTALLY relate to? Me too! If you haven’t, here are some of my favorites!

This One Hit Too Close To Home

I can almost taste all the Ramen I ate during my internship.

This is the Worst!

I’ve definitely had bosses (who were NOT clinical) who thought they understood all the clinical aspects of things. I had to tell them why they were wrong ALL. THE. TIME.


Because We Have to Meet the Client Where They Are

We can’t make the change for the client- that’s their job. We’re just here to guide them along the way!

Trying to “Fit In” and Build Rapport with Teenagers

Not going to lie this one made me laugh pretty hard. I can just imagine the teenager sitting across the room from you with their arms crossed while you try to build rapport.


Anyone Who Has Been in the Field Knows What This Feels Like

When you go from Sally Social Worker to Suzie Shit Show real fast.

Nothing Says Anxiety Like Thinking About Work

That horrible moment when you come back from the weekend (or even worse, a VACATION) and you pull up your e-mail or voicemails for the first time. I’m cringing just thinking about all the phone calls and emails I’ll have to answer tomorrow.

When People Just Don’t Understand

Being a social worker can be a thankless job. So many people don’t quite understand what we do. My friend once told me she imagines all I do at work is sit around and sing Kumbaya all day with the clients.


Ending on a Positive Note
Being a social worker is the best feeling in the world. We get to experience so many cool things with our clients. It truly is amazing that our clients trust us with their stories and allow us to be a part of their lives.

Did I miss any? Comment below which ones are your favorite!

4 thoughts on “Funny Social Worker Memes – Because We ALL Need A Laugh

  1. what a great post1 Just what we needed right now some humour!. My sister, Mum and I are conducting whole conversations all day by Mems, it is taking the edge off lockdown. On a more serious not, I really love that your article highlights some of the issues of social work and care and what your guys have to go through, both getting qualified and during your working day. My absolute favourite Meme was the light bulb one. Great post, great website, great work! We are all really appreciative of the great work you guys do in our society, and I look forward to reading some more of your blogs.

    1. Thank you so much! I don’t think I could survive life without humor. It’s especially helpful during those tough times like quarantine (or, you know, just a bad day at work).

      I hope you’re staying safe!


  2. Oh man, they really are hilarious. I love the one with Beetlejuice.

    Humor is the most basic tool of happiness. Physiologically humor can mask the fear experienced by someone at the same time. So humor can change someone’s perspective about painful memories in the past and replace them with happiness.
    There is no perfect timing such as now. With the world that is busy to figure out how to handle the pandemic, people need humors to loosen up.
    Thanks for sharing these memes.


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