Rocketbook Core Review – The Future of Notebooks?

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Product: Rocketbook Core
Price: $32-$34
Size: Executive and Letter sizes available (they also have other notebooks that are smaller)
Page Style: Choice between dot grid and lined
Colors: Black, Red, Teal, Blue, Orange, Gray, Green, Scarlet

Where to Buy:

Overview of Rocketbook Core

Rocketbook notebooks can be written just like paper and then erased by using a little bit of water and a microfiber cloth. You do have to use a certain brand of pens but they are relatively inexpensive and have many options to choose from. More than that, once you’re done writing in them you can scan the pages with an app and send them to up to seven different cloud locations that you set up: emails, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

When I first heard about Rocketbook, I thought there was no way they would actually work. I was pleasantly surprised when I started using my Rocketbook. I began using it for class to take notes and easily sort out my notes for each class. It made it so much easier than having to carry around a bunch of different notebooks when I was in school. Since it can be reused, it has 32-48 pages (depending on which size you choose) which was always more than enough pages for me and makes it SO lightweight!

I still use it a Rocketbook to this day for meetings. I have so many different meetings to attend as a supervisor so being able to write notes and zip them off to a folder where I can easily access them for later has been a game changer for me! It helps keep me organized and gives me the ability to quickly pull up notes I took from previous meetings.

Erasing the Rocketbook is so easy. You literally spray it with a little bit of water and wipe the pages with a microfiber cloth (one comes with the Rocketbook). I didn’t think there was any way that the page would be totally clean but they really are after you let it dry! I was amazed that you couldn’t see anything that was previously written on it.

The one thing that I found strange at first was that the dot grid doesn’t show up when you scan it so it looks like your text is just floating there. However, I very quickly got used to looking at my notes without the dots and really appreciated the dots disappearing when I would draw a diagram or sketch of something.

Let’s Talk About the Pens

Rocketbook works best with the Pilot FriXion pens or markers. The pens are just like normal pens, so you don’t have to exclusively use them with your Rocketbook.

As a left handed person, I am always wary about pens. Gel pens and others that take a long time to dry don’t really work for me unless I want to have ink all over the place. I assumed that in order for the pens to be wiped off the pages of Rocketbook, they would essentially stay wet or be almost like a gel pen. But they actually aren’t bad at all and even when writing notes fairly quickly, there was very limited smudging as the ink dried.

Writing with the pens for the first line or so is a sometimes a little rough as the ink starts moving. However, once it starts writing, it is so smooth to write with! I was shocked the first time I used it. I really thought it was too good to be true but they honestly worked so well. Plus, there are tons of colors you can choose from to keep your notes organized and color coded!

You can click here to purchase them on Amazon.

Something for Everyone

Whether you’re still in school or working in the field, I truly believe that the Rocketbook has something for everyone.

Students can use the notebook to take notes during class and easily scan them to a location to access later. They can also have a shared folder with other students in their class to share notes with those who missed a class or need additional help.

Professionals can use them in meetings or client sessions and reference the notes quickly if they need to. Being able to organize and store the pages in different locations or folders makes it easy to access the notes you need from previous meetings. Rockbetbooks can also be used to take notes during session without having to lug around a huge notebook. Professionals then can scan them to themselves to complete the note when they are back in the office or just keep them in the notebook until the note is completed and wipe it clean when they’ve finished the note.

One important thing to note is that Rocketbook is not HIPAA complaint. According to their website, “Rocketbook does not store any of your notes on our own servers unless you use some optional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features. Your notes are either on your own device or the cloud service you have sent your notes to. When you send your scans via email, we pass the image file and metadata through an email service provider called Sendgrid to assemble the email. But even there, notes are not stored as they just pass through.”

Make sure if you are using Rocketbook to record sessions and scan them to yourself that you aren’t using identifying information for clients. Don’t use names or other personal information, use initials or client numbers instead!

Good for the Environment

Of course, having the ability to reuse the same notebook every day is great for the environment. By erasing notes after they’ve been scanned to your selected location, you are helping to reduce waste.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown away TONS of paper. I threw away so many notebooks from school that I just didn’t need anymore. I’ve also thrown out so many pads of paper for work after the meetings were over or I filled up one with notes I took during counseling sessions. Having the Rocketbook is a great alternative to this!

Rocketbook: A Huge Surprise!

Like I said at the beginning of this review, I was very hesitant to trust that this product would be valuable or useful but it’s ended up being a staple in my every day life as a social worker. The price you pay for a Rocketbook may be a little more than a regular notebook but when you think about how much easier it will make your life, I think it’s definitely worth the money. Plus, one Rocketbook can replace an unlimited amount of notebooks!

Rocketbook also has a new product called the Fusion that includes calendars, notetaking, and to-do lists! Make sure you check out all that they have to offer- I don’t think you’ll be disappointment!

20 thoughts on “Rocketbook Core Review – The Future of Notebooks?

  1. Ok, you have convinced me. I am buying a rocket book for a friend of mine that loves his notebooks. He is always talking about loosing pages and not knowing what notebook he put what in.
    I cannot wait to surprise him on his birthday🤗

    1. Yes- he’ll love it! I used to be like that too- I would start too many things in too many places. Now they’re all in one place!


  2. Having this kind of neat notebook is not only good in reducing our environmental footprints but also help us to be well organized. I really need to have some kind of to-do-list for my day to day activities, otherwise it is hard for me to keep track on things I have done and need to get done. Since this notebook can be erased with a little bit of water and I can also use gel pens, I think it is going to make a fun to-do-list and so I can stay motivated to be more organized every day. Thank you for your review and introducing this notebook to us. 🙂

  3. Hi Marlena

    This is absolutely brilliant. I have just bought 3 of a well known brand of notepads as I go through them like you wouldn’t believe but the enrionmental impact is not great. Yes, you can recycle the paper but the less we recycle the better, also the energy used to produce products is considerable (not to mention fuel etc for delivery from a well known online store!) so I can see the advantage of the Rocketbook for sure and massively cutting down consumption. Many thanks for sharing.



    1. Hi Jean,

      Thanks for taking time to read this article. I love this product because it helps keep everything organized while helping the environment! You’re exactly right about all impacts on the environment and I think taking small steps, like a reusable notebook, is a great way to help slow the damage!

      Jess 🙂

    1. Hello! I absolutely agree! Many people haven’t heard of this product so giving one as a gift is a great way to show them a really neat, new notebook!

      Stay safe!


  4. Rocketbook sounds to be just what most of us need and could use every day, I know I go through notebooks like there is no tomorrow writing all my thoughts and ideas down. This could save me so much time and money, so I am going to seriously look more into this all because of your incredible article

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks Jeff! I definitely could encourage you to look into the product more- it really is incredible! I used to have so many notebooks floating around and this has been a lifesaver for me!

      I hope you’re staying safe and keeping healthy

      Jess 🙂

  5. dang this is actually really cool. I have heard of notebooks like this in the past but I never really thought to buy one because they seemed so expensive and complicated, but you kinda sold me in your review haha

    I will be reading a bit more about this for sure and considering to buy one – I’m constantly running through notebook, after notebook, either losing them, or simply replacing them, without really doing much with the notes I did take.

    With this I really feel like it would help my productivity by uploading the notes when done and organizing them in my cloud storage places.

    Thanks so much for the share

    1. Hi Seth!

      I was in the same boat until I got the Rocketbook. It’s so much easier being able to keep the notes online rather than having to search for them in a notebook! I love mine!

      Stay safe.

      Jess 🙂

  6. It seems more like a Magicbook for me. It will be a good fit seems I’m always scribbling text around on notebooks. It’s definitely going to be a greener solution. If I had known such a product exist, I’ll be ditching the heavy diary-notebook that I’m using.

    1. Hello Kenny,

      Thanks for taking time to read it. I hope you’ll consider the Rocketbook when you finish with your current notebook. It really is a cool product!


  7. These sound very nice to use, I had never heard of them. I will have to check it out. I am glad to hear you had a good experience with them.

  8. This is an incredible product and I’m impressed! I can’t count the number of notebooks I’ve got through! Such a waste of paper, so Rocketbook is definitely the best idea for making notes. I love the idea of all those coloured pens and being able to wipe everything clean! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Hi Kathy,

      No problem! I really think Rocketbook is a great solution to having so many notebooks laying around. I’ve definitely gone through my share of them so when I found Rocketbook, I was excited. I love having everything in one place.

      Stay safe


  9. Hey,

    This is a great review, and the rocketbook sounds like an amazing notebook. I’ve never seen or heard of a notebook like this before, and is probably the notebook that all other notebooks should be measured against.

    I have forwarded this onto a few friends and family as I think they would be really interested in this notebook too.

    If I end up buying one I will give my own review on it too.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work on your site.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      Glad you found this article interesting. I really do love this product. It’s pretty cool and works much better than I ever expected!

      If you get one I’d love to hear your experience with it! Let me know!

      Stay safe


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